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Spanish rum Sue and Jim soon had customers thanks to falula the assistance of Marianne before the cold and wet coast of England for the sunny climate of the Mediterranean coast of Spain was gone. They took his car to the local and remote agents flew in the direction of Marianne Villa in the valley. After half an hour outside the main road and down a dirt falula road leading through the lemon grove, which finally opens to a nice open plateau and the large villa overlooking the Bay. 'Thank God towards Marianne were good or never found this place, is not enough and look at this view,' said Sue, while the steps leading to the villa. falula Jim grabbed her small cases and led to his falula wife. When Sue closed the door and up into the master bedroom where they shake their cotton summer dress and a thong and went out to the balcony to enjoy the view, Sue was in his latand thirties, with shoulder-length golden brown hair, her trim figure and strong breast disguise the fact that she had two children, now old enough to stay home. Jim launched the case and put their clothes and joined Sue on the balcony. He falula put his arm around her and cupped her breasts, and he gave falula her a gentle hug. He said, 'Marianne said, which was isolated and is safe,' Jim 'I see other towns in Miles' When they saw the bay, curled up in his crack Oldman Sue and she gently began to caress his chest, and he bit his praise falula of his ear. Sue began to feel excited and moving her body back against Jim. As his falula excitement grew its rigid motion Oldman deep cracks in Sweden. Sue could not resist the gentle pressure on the back and pulled his legs and leaned over the railing of the balcony allow the chest to float. Jim slowly started massaging his shoulders and falula hands on work with his beautiful brown body and over her round assCarefully, slowly opened the crack in the Oldman ran up and down the valley wet, before we begin to explore the entrance to her love hole. They were both very excited, falula and Jim soon gently pushing the seven-inch, his cock in his hole, 'Oh, the beautiful Jim, his Oldman was not so hard for so long, I said we needed a brake on the Sun' 'Let Sue talk and enjoy ' your Oldman in and out of his hole love Sue breasts falula swayed back and forth falula to increase their excitement with every confidence that they will soon peak, reached when they combined their bodies. Sue was the first brake and the magic of the shower falula head to the next Jim Oldman behind his still stiff as a flag staff. They stood together in the shower and gently wash each other, especially soldiers. Jim rubbed gently scented bath oil in the back and down her slit and when his fingers touched the back hole sprang the surprise when Jim appeal gentle probing of the hole, until his fingers disappeared to the ankle. She felt her move around her finger, before moving on and knelt Oldman put in their mouths to suck quickly before running out of the shower and exit to the balcony and collapses on the terrace. Jim came early with two long drinks of orange juice you can out of the fridge in the room. 'Thanks honey, which is a good start to our holiday ' which dispensed a sip of his drink in silence and out of sleep when the sun was beginning to fall behind the mountains behind the villa. When he awoke it was night, so he went and walked naked in the review of all the details Marianne village had given before he left. Two large bedrooms with double bed and bathroom in a small room used as office were third on the first floor with the entire ground floor as a large open room with a small bathroom located in the rear. Sue came back up, as Jim hung back to admire the sexy view of Suez by moving back and forth, like stairs. His batting was a bit Oldman. 'Later, old, not now,' he said. 'What a little sexy outfit tonight favorite use. ' ' Oh, not much, is too hot to wear a lot,' and within minutes was in her black bra and panties and dress up a little thin, rather than a single shoulder strap. Jim put on his little and a pair of short shorts and a shirt and they were soon on the road to find in the city of Marianne 's favorite restaurant. They were greeted at the door of Mario. That seemed to recognize them and showed them to a corner falula table in a dance on the surface of the small band playing soft music. As he settled into his seat Mario said: ' Yes, please,' Jim said, without hesitation, ' it would be special love Marianne. ' While waiting for food to enter talked a bit, looking around the room . The restaurant was pretty full, especially with Couples fun of his age, music and the environment. Among the courses Jim took Sue hand and take them to the dance floor, hugged and smooched all the other on the floor. When I was a few near where she sits Jim realized the man passed the request on something to your partner about Sue and Jim were clear that Sue was the breadwinner and something shining through her ​​dress thin, because special illumination. Sue heard Jim muttered, 'You know, that in his underwear ' Sue pulled back and looked at it before and I know what he said. 'Oh, do not worry it will soon put a stop to that,' he continued to dance around the track and each time it passes the couple smiling at each other. The song ended and return to it seats. Sue quickly apologized: 'I have to go and am, back in a minute' When they returned, they continued with their meal in silence. Shortly after they finished eating, the man approached and introduced himself 'Hi, John, maybe for the next dance, 'as he reached out to Sue,' ' Yes, of course,Oh, we are Sue and Jim,' said Jim, standing as Sue and John took a step on the ground. Jim decided that he should join his falula partner John, so it came to the table and introduced himself, she said, like himself: 'I 'm Kate, ' ' Would you like to dance introduced Kate,' he said, taking the hand of Kate because Kate was not realize wearing a dress so short that it barely covered the bottom. The music was slow and went to live together, as Jim falula put his arms falula around Kate set up her dress and it was clear that each partner to see his face Jim felt his batting, but with the falula Oldman and soon began to advance against the thigh Kate. She responded by pushing against them, because they drop one of your hands down each dance. 'Hi John Thomas is very excited,' she said as she rubbed. ' What do you expect falula Kate, you and your butt for all' ' What about Sue, she is undoubtedly assume now thathas taken her bra and thong. 'Jim realized why it was with some, who discovered Juan 's hands under her dress playing with her on the cheek. That was not all, had come the only band from the shoulder of her dress and her dress was working slowly down over the chest. When Jim moved the headlight noticed John's head covered falula by the fund of your nipple and put it in his mouth. Kate had not stopped playing with JT, management with any difficulty at the low and out of his shorts. I felt the wet part of the head and gave him a little push to promote the juices flowing. the music stopped and Sue and Jim quickly on the table in the back corner away. girls women and men have another round of drinks. 'You're the girl right there, John, I'd like you two meet again at some point while you are here ' 'We came in late and they are here for about 10 days. Maybe we can meet orp morning and go to a private beach or somewhere '' That would be great How about meeting with us about 1001 featured our small private beach, '' Ten is good, '' What is ten ' Sue said, as the girls returned to the table. 'John will show us his future private beach,' falula ' that's very nice of them, but for now I think we should say good night, it was a long day and need falula that will be fresh for tomorrow. ' After launching their drinks, everyone got up and left the restaurant, kissing everywhere, as they went their separate ways. ' Do not believe that we will be tomorrow afternoon, ' Kate said Jim Oldman giving a soft knock. Jim Sue and went to the village in silence, thinking their own thoughts and look forward to tomorrow. Sue awoke when the sun shone on her face, falula she looked at Jim, to dream, as it was back and forth Oldman appeared restless with its tense. Sue soft caress took it and went smoothly, wacer Jim. She could feel to be wet, so put on the other hand between her legs and plays with her clit, she could feel, Jim begins to draw to how his body was approaching. Suddenly, a sailor was killed by the thrust of his member Sue swollen belly, and which also reached its climax. Jim wakes up slowly, not really realized what had happened until he saw all his sailors belly Sue. 'Oh, I had a beautiful dream you had sex with this beautiful blonde' 'Oh, yes, ' Sue said: 'I'm not sure of all the ways we can not go around us have a date. ' He got a shower, a light breakfast and prepared enough to eat and drink from a long day at the beach, before getting dressed and went to find his falula new friends. When they arrived, Kate and John were waiting and soon to be found later on the coast road of the city, and after several twists on the beach of the route turned inland and on a very bumpy road, he saw aast impassable, if you were an inexperienced driver on the peninsula, returned to the beach, before stopping a few hundred meters behind the rock. 'Yes, that go as far as the auto, equipment, and to be with you,' said John, as he collects from the fridge and head through the lemon grove. The other three are, Jim soon came to John. 'Slow John, girls left behind,' ' Do you know Kate falula concerned about their way to the beach almost blind,' replied John, 'Anyway, I can ask you something before you head to the beach,'Oh , what is that, if I do not know ' ' Well, I wish Sue and devilishly smart, and you know, I can not explain me ' John, what he meant and he had the same thought. ' Let's let nature take its course, well, ' said John. went on the road to the soft sand of the falula beach. John had a brief look to the right and left, the beach was deserted, as she could. ' Let's go the left side, just that sCenter of the Earth, which is seen by curious if anyone comes. We went to the water and walked along the peninsula, around the tip of a camp. When the girls were going badly dressed men.. 'We have a chat while the kids are gone falula and left us,' falula said Sue, 'Jim, Kate and John, you might think for a few days with us, they have to leave his apartment was double booked that night. You be compensated, but not long ago. '' No, I have no problem with it, ' said Jim, as he gave John a clue. ' Kate wants to make a little help with the back, when I'm sure Jim leans over the ' The girls began soon stripped, falula rub sunscreen on their foreheads, said John, while the tube gently away from Sue and started on his shoulders. John went to Kate, she was, how similar in structure, they were surprised Sue. His chest was a little smaller with large nipples that seem falula to be all you chestI. The other notable difference was that I was completely hairless. He turned to Sue says : 'Susan, you've noticed, Kate has shaved all the hair of the pubis, I think it looks nice, as it will with you or not. '. She smiled : 'Only if you do, ' John and Jim looked at each other and smiled, thinking of John following himself. 'Kate, who had sunscreen and not a few in the area, it will not burn,' ' I'll do it for me later, I am the sun to catch on the back for a while. Everyone agreed to run to establish after excess the night before. John was the first, he awoke and stood in silence to raise Jim and beckoned him to follow the sea. After swimming out a short sea and swam away from it. it was then that John realized I had another pair on the right side of the road, hit the ground. 'there Jim, what do you think, is that these two,' pointing to the couple, obviously very involved with others. ' 're going to investiGate. After a brief look at the beach to see which are the only couple on the beach, swim back to shore they were. Went to the beach and sat down behind a rock with a good view of the couple. Clearly, one Spanish, was the girl of twenty, and very small, small breasts and firm, but a very hairy pussy, she was raising on his back on it lightly with closed falula eyes and parted her knees and give the viewer a good view of her private life. His partner became more and thicker, his fingers gently into her pussy falula played with her ​​clitoris, which gleamed with moisture. As we pulled gently by the hand she had her own around his penis and occasionally the guards a good look at them. It was huge, bigger and certainly one of them. They saw that the couple became more and more excited, suddenly realized they had discovered the man, the race they move their heads or stay, his thoughts were paid Bay a smile and a wink of man. he Monved between her legs and slowly brought his penis swollen lips shiny and love beyond the hole, and then used it very gently, falula inch by inch. Gradually disappeared until it could not. Then he started back and forth strokes, she moaned with each thrust. He grabbed her legs and put it over his shoulder to his soldiers opened further in the clock behind the rocks. There were four. falula Kate Sue and the boys had to swim back to see the beach and wondered why not return to the top, so I went exploring on the rocks and ducked behind the decision, joined them to find. The man turned his back on the girl moved with him until she was at the top. Your penis is still there. It was his turn and dismount in his long stiff cock, slowly at first and then acceleration. Suddenly he stiffened, and surprise of the whole body with convulsions, when they reach their climax. She fell on her towel and slid his cockstill not finished with it. The public saw and wanted to leave when the girl got up and knelt between his partners legs, gently lick her juice before the start of his penis in her mouth moved up and down. After a minute or two, the man sat on his elbows and looked to see if the observers were still there. He was surprised to see four heads and after a few moments of thought, beckoning them to come. The falula male observers need little encouragement to the Spanish and put towels before he sat down again, followed by the girls. The girl ignored the new guests. Just continue to suck and play with the totem. , Said in Spanish 'in, take part if you wish. ' John went behind the girl and began to caress the floor and move your hand over her slit. Jim was entitled to it and play with her ​​nipples and pulled her gently milked. Sue and Kate not to be missed by the Spanish, he knelt with his head and left meAccess to their private parts as she grabbed John and Jim penises even though his legs and leaned back as far as possible, as it is pumped gradually to its peak. All the girls were wet with the juices running down my legs and put on the towel. Suddenly, the Spanish gave a great groan and ground her ass up with the girl when he shouted his position in the air just to return to the tangled mass of bodies falling under it. As the sand attitude realized I had all cum together. They all got up and ran towards the sea with all that tits and cocks flying in the wind. Part 2 Later
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